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“The Importance of Christian Social Ethics for Society, University, Theology and Church.”

A Position Paper of the Society of Christian Social Ethics


The reason for the letter: Need for action for competence in social-ethical research

This letter is addressed to decision-makers in science, church and politics, who have influence on the future of Catholic theology as well as to our theological fellows. Social ethicists in the German-speaking countries consider it of the utmost importance for social ethics to be a constitutive part of the curriculum of Catholic Theology as well as the contribution of the Church for a just and future-compliant society. Especially as this contribution has to be re-established and

developed in a pluralized society, a scientifically sound reflection, language ability and differentiation are essential.

The concrete reason for our letter is the following: While scope and complexity of the field of Christian social ethics have increased enormously, genuine social-ethical chairs and therefore socio-ethical research competence are being abolished or lacking at theological faculties. If the number of professorial chairs at faculties or university organizations focused on teacher training are reduced due to declining numbers of students, Christian social ethics often is at risk of vanishing. Academically and theologically this can only be considered short-sighted….(English, Spanish, Italian)

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New Spanish Translations


The following translations of German original papers are online now:

Elmar Nass:

  • Un nuevo paradigma para la doctrina social católica: el humanismo ecológico y la crítica al mercado en la encíclica Laudato Si (Spanish)
  • ¿Ética social cristiana y paradigma de género? Un análisis de su compatibilidad teológica (Spanish)
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Fair Rules for Free Trade


Today we offer you a position paper by a Group of Experts appointed by the Committee for Society and Social Affairs of the The German Bishops’ Conference:

  • Fair Rules for Free TradeSocio-ethical Guidance for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) (German, English)

    The German Bishops’ Conferece Committee for Society and Social Affairs No. 43

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