ORDO SOCIALIS is a registered association seated at Cologne (French)

Registration with the District Court of Cologne in the Register of Associations, no. 7995

Name: ORDO SOCIALIS – Scientific Association for the Promotion of Christian Social Teaching

Constitution: On 5th June 2007 the Membership Assembly voted to amend the Articles of Association in § 1 and thus the name of the association and ratified the version of the Articles of Association.

Date of registration: 10th October 2007, Richter

On 5th September 2009 the Membership Assembly voted to amend the Articles of Association §§ 6 and 11.

Date of registration: 19th April 2010, Großbach


Tax exemption notice (French)

According to § 5 para. 1 no. 9 of the  Corporate Tax Act, the association is exempt from taxation because it serves exclusively and directly tax-favoured purposes of public benefit as set forth in §§ 51 ff. of the Tax Code.

Tax Office Cologne-Altstadt, taxation district 009

Tax number: 214/5862/0169

The corporation is entitled to issue receipts for donations and membership contributions in an officially prescribed form (§ 50, para. 1 Income Tax Executive Ordinance).


Executive Committee:


Prof. Dr. Ralph Bergold, Chairman


Cornelius G. Fetsch

Helmut Linnenbrink, Vice-Chairman

Dr. Thomas Köster, Vice-Chairman

Dr. h.c. Josef Thesing

Peter van den Brock, Treasurer


Scientific Council:

See separate page “Scientific Council”


Secretary General:

Beate Kaltefleiter



York Buttler, Viersen, Germany

Charles Chauvin, Paris, France

Annegret Elmendorff-Pfeifer, Düsseldorf, Germany

Gerald Finan

Jutta Gruetzmacher, Brasilia

Dr. Uta Köhler

Prof. Dr. Leo Leeb, Beijing, China

Rudolph Lederer, Brussels, Belgium

Kristin Meyborg, Santiago, Chile

Volker Raatz, Cologne, Germany,

Alexandre Schramme, Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Johannes Stemmler, Cologne, Germany

Stephen Wentworth-Arndt, PhD, University of Texas, Houston, USA

Father Hans Voecking, Cologne, Germany

Wort-Wahl, Cologne, Germany,






Pope Francis:, Urheber: / Korean Culture and Information Service (Jeon Han)

Cardinal Reinhard Marx:

Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga: KAS, Picture-No. 6549-3287 Photo: H. Lüders, Berlin

Cardinal Oscar Andrés Rodriguez Maradiaga: Reuters, by Tom Heneghan


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Links to related sites are established on a mutual / vice-versa basis to build an informal network of interested partners.

Neither Ordo socialis nor its Secretary General are responsible for the linked sites and they cannot control them; cf. Decision 312 0 85/98 of 12th May 1998, District Court of Hamburg, Germany.