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Our half-yearly newletter “Ordo socialis topical…” is online. (English)

Tuesday November 15th, 2016

Cooperation between Ordo socialis and Foundation


Upon invitation of the Board of Ordo Socialis, an exchange of information with the founder of Globethics, Swiss Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger and the newly elected Executive Director Msgr. Prof. Dr. Obiora Ike, took place at the KSI in Bad Honnef in October. There has been a contact with Prof. Ike for many years. He is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Ordo Socialis. Possibilities of cooperation and mutual support were probed in the talks. Meanwhile, this has resulted in an agreement of cooperation aiming at creating synergies and strengthening the implementation of objectives of the respective organisation. The cooperation agreement is rooted in the common goal of the partners to promote in higher education ethical ideas through digital solidarity building upon the respective abilities and competences of the partners.

Here you find more about Globethics:,

Tuesday September 20th, 2016

Catholicism-a political power  Spanish Translations


Prof. Dr. Nils Goldschmidt:

  • Doctrina Social de la Iglesia y la Economía Social de Mercado (Spanish)

Dr. Christoph Kösters:

  • Integración europea y catolicismo en Alemania (Spanish)

Dr. Arnd Küppers:

  • El catolicismo social:Éxitos del pasado –Objetivos para el futuro (Spanish)
Thursday July 28th, 2016

Chinese Translation of Christian Social Teaching by Joseph Cardinal Höffner


In summer 2010, after a long period of preparation and difficulties, the Chinese Translation of Christian Social Teaching by Joseph Cardinal Höffner, financed by Ordo socialis, was published in Shanghai. Only table of contents, preface, introduction and chapter I so far could be accessed as a sample on our website. The Horae Publishing Company, publisher of this work, unfortunately does not exist anymore, nor can the Chinese printed edition be ordered. Therefore we are delighted to offer you as a free download the digitized version at In a collective volume, the published contributions “Economy from a Christian Perspective” by Prof. Karl J. Peschke and the “Entrepreneur” by Peter H. Werhahn will follow soon. (CST-Chinese)

Wednesday July 20th, 2016

Catholicism-a political power – English and French translations


Three articles published by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Karlies Abmeier and Petra Bahr:


Prof. Dr. Nils Goldschmidt:

Dr. Christoph Kösters:

  • European Integration and Catholicism in Germany (English, French)

Dr. Arnd Küppers:

  • Social Catholicism: Successes of the Past – Goals for the Future (English, French)
Thursday July 14th, 2016
Thursday June 2nd, 2016

New Spanishe Articles by

Instituto de Estudios Social Cristianos-Pensiamento Social No 3, Lima 2015


Jaime Montoya Ugarte:

Economista. Docente del lESC y Dlrector de CENADEC, aiociacidn dedicadft d ld diftsi6n de temas medioambientales

  • El Problema Medioambiental (Spanish)

P. Dr. Sergio BernaI Restrepo, SJ:

Decdno del Medio de la Facuhad de Medicina de la Pontificia Universidad Javeridna de Bogotá

  • Continuidat Y Renovocación: LA. Encíclica Laudato Si’ del Papa Francisco (Spanish)

Mons. Dr. Norberto Strotmann, MSC:

Obispo de la Diócesis de Chosica (Lima Este – Perú)

  • Laudato Si’ Y Sus Retos En El Contexto Latinoamericano (Spanish)

Armando Borda Herrada:

Presidente del lnstituto de Etudios Social Cristianos del Perú

Desafíos De La Gaudium Et Spes En El Mundo Actual – Una Lectura Desde América Latina (Spanisch)

Wednesday June 1st, 2016